HERE Technologies


When HERE wanted to refresh their website, they asked us to create graphics that highlighted product benefits from a user’s perspective. Showcasing the HERE Design System’s light look with pops of saturated blue, we translated the actual product UI into website assets that streamline user journeys and call out specific features in the website copy. Static and animated, these graphics strike the perfect balance between informative density and communicative clarity.

Product features in detail

Static and animated, these graphics strike the perfect balance between informative density and communicative clarity.


HERO Graphic

3-step animated graphic


Upskilling made easy 

Ready to change the way you learn? Goalster is revolutionizing the way organizations support their employees to reach new milestones and upskill. Whether you’re looking out for a whole team, or looking to learn new skills, network, and meet professional and personal goals yourself, Goalster is the executive coach in your pocket. We teamed up with Goalster to develop a full-scale corporate identity, website, and the design of their coaching app.

In line with the mobile app

The Logo

Color Palette

Process Illustrations

The style has been developed to convey Goalster’s mission to get things going and get things done.

The Human Co


The Human Co. is a boutique HR company from Sydney that is committed to growing and building teams of talented individuals at the companies that need them the most.

The Logo

For the logo, we opted for a type treatment that puts the brand ethos front and center: The Human Co. The result is a warm and open wordmark that is distinct, memorable, and approachable.

The colors

Vibrant as the people we know

HERE Canva

Social templates for every occasion

HERE approached us to build out their corporate identity for Social Media use cases: from Instagram Stories to blog graphics and internal social posts. Taking a cue from the playful contemporary styles circulating on social media today, we translated the HERE brand to a flexible, modular set of Canva templates that can be easily put to use by HERE employees ready to engage with their customers and followers.

Instagram Stories



Altius Consulting


Altius helps professionals and organisations around the world to achieve their most important goals. We developed all corporate design assets, website and a toolkit of design assets and templates including PPT presentations, iconography, email signatures, stationery and corporate templates.

Website Header

Golster's Mission

The Logo




CES is the largest technology fair in the world. HERE Technologies is a leading player in the field of Location Intelligence. We were responsible producing all the video assets for the fair, including concept and production. The challenge was to explain all the product HERE is offering in a short sequence of videos.


People Sensing Website


Hella Aglaia came to us with a request to completely rebuild the website for their People Sensing product – from the ground up. Part of this task was creating a strong visual identity that could showcase their state-of-the-art sensors while being impactful on a human scale. It also needed to be flexible, able to enrich content like customer success stories and business benefits as well as the details of how the devices are made and function.

Website in detail

We created a video sequence of product features for each page, showcasing the key solutions offered by the People Sensing product combining real world footage with infographic inspired overlays; the modular format has also made them perfect openers for all kinds of meetings, events, and presentations.

Product Features

Video Headers

HERE Technologies

It’s all about the map

HERE Technologies is a data company with expertise in many fields of location technology. Ultimately everything is based around the most precise map on the market. We had the privilege to work on an animation about the HERE map in a new illustration style, which was fine-tuned in the course of this production. 


Illustration style development

“In a rapidly changing world, we depend on reliable and up to date map data.”


100% Renewable 100% Accessible

WWF and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, aim to empower countries through multi-actor partnerships to move to renewable energy sources in order to foster energy security, job growth, and rural economic development. The 3 films we created aim to explain the urgency from 3 different perspectives.

Our challenge was to create three films that work for all MAPs across Vietnam, Nepal, Uganda and Germany, while maintaining a coherent look in itself.

The process

Storyboard and styleframe Development

The final videos

Sigfox Difference

Sigfox- Make things come alive.

As the Internet of Things grows ever larger, Sigfox remains a key enabler by providing a low-cost, low-power, and global means of communication between connected devices. Their network gives a voice to the physical world and allows objects to play a role in economic and social development. Our challenge was to create and execute a digital campaign as far-reaching as their network, and one that would highlight an impressive portfolio of use cases – from cold chain monitoring to smart farming, and everything in between.


The Sigfox Difference

One of the most remarkable features of the Sigfox network is the minuscule size of each transmission: 12 bytes. Though tiny, these signals can mean the difference between life and death for connected objects. It was this powerful detail that became the basis for our campaign. It allowed us to connect it with humorous, interesting examples of the difference 12 bytes could make.
The Sigfox Difference digital campaign is a three-part deliverable consisting of dynamic illustrated web banners, photorealistic GIF banners, and a use case animation. Each part combines Sigfox’ key benefits with dedicated messaging for each use case.