Code of Conduct

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From creating localized employee handbooks for global enterprises to visualizing a company’s core values in an emotionally-responsive way, we regularly partner HR, legal and compliance departments to develop and sustain their company culture.

E-books, webapps, printed handbooks

Internal Codes of Conduct are a cornerstone of a company’s ethical culture, articulating core values and reinforcing what matters to a diverse community working toward a common purpose. Simultaneously, they can contain critical information regarding an employee’s legal obligations – information that must be easily understood on the first reading, and easily referenced later on.

In this case we brought a Code of Conduct up to date with the aim of making it more readable and user-friendly, translating legalese and, crucially, encouraging employees to contribute to the maintenance of the code.

We restructured the document, streamlined the messaging and brightened the tone of the copy throughout, integrating real, context-setting scenarios into the body of the document for a more lively read. The final digital document was designed with an airy and approachable layout combining photography with illustrated graphic elements.

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