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Forum Re-Design

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    Re-Design of Online platform

By aggregating and translating news content from across the European continent, Forum has created a space to foster public debate and reassert democratic principles. We were asked to help them redesign their website, making sure the user experience matches their promise to challenge, inspire, inform and engage Europeans.
Our redesign needed to signal both authority and approachability, speaking to both the trustworthiness of Forum’s sources as well as the ease with which its audience can engage with posted content. Hinting to the history of printed news, we went for a classic, serif typeface, while infusing new energy with colored panels and bright, saturated CTAs. Thin, linear elements keep content organized without added weight, and careful typography maintains a clear hierarchy of information.

Forum signaled to us that engagement via active debates needed to take priority, so we reinforced this throughout the design in a number of ways. We not only designed dedicated and comprehensive landing-page sections for top debates, but every article preview is tagged with the number of active comments. We also have a ticker of top comments for featured article previews, so that perspectives can be up- or down-voted directly from the landing page.

Featured multimedia content like podcasts can be directly opened from the landing page, and content can also be filtered by the external source. Each article preview has the possibility of being bookmarked for later reading, so visitors can easily return to articles they’re interested in as they navigate through the site.