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Logistic and Transport Assets

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    HERE Technologies

The HERE Fleet Film was developed to bring a fleet story to life in an emotional, evocative manner, reimagining the trips of today’s fleets as odysseys, with a number of hurdles and obstacles standing between a vehicle and the successful completion of its mission.
The fleet style was tailored for use as an overlay over light, real-world footage, bringing a human element into the more technical look. The strong outlines and glowing figures link this style to the rest of the fleet collection.

A selection of carefully curated images illustrate fleet scenarios using graphic overlays.

See it live here

The Interactive Fleet Brochure was developed as a sales tool for use both online and at events and meetings. It uses a dark, technical look to show the key use cases and functionalities of the HERE fleet offering. It is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets.

See it live here

The versatile style was adapted to work as a lighter infographic, bringing the dark maps onto a white background for easy readability and integration with other assets on the webpage.