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On-demand SDK Demo

What’s the most engaging way to demonstrate b2b software?

When a product isn’t tangible, challenges lie in visualising it at its full and intended potential, as well as in cultivating an emotional or logical connection with prospective buyers. Best practice calls for showcasing a digital product in a format that is native to the product itself – enter the interactive demo.

We developed a dynamic presentation asset tailored for an on-demand mobility developer kit. Going far beyond a static presentation format, our flexible online demo hosts interactive elements that actively demonstrate and elevate content while supporting the presenter.

An intuitive user interface and references to the end-user in real-footage sequences situate the product in the real world. The incorporated icon language are familiar beacons of mobility scenarios and orient participants while telling a full and complete story. Depending on the host industry, the demo can be separated into chapters by use case and loaded with information-rich hotspots for users to experience at their own pace.

Due to its flexible and modular nature, our demo is effective at large-scale events or utilized in one-on-one sales meetings. Desired content and level of detail is limited only to imagination.