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TOC Branding

TOC offers a much-needed respite from the same old, same old beverage norm. Each bottle is lovingly filled with sparkling mineral water accented by hints of celestial flavours: thyme, lavender, mint, among others, all sourced from Mother Nature herself. Like midsummer in a glass, cracking one open is reminiscent of taking a dip in a wild, secluded lake.

A special beverage like TOC deserved a unique logo, CI, packaging and product photography treatment to bring the brand to market. Created using paper cut techniques, the labels feature hand-drawn motifs of herbal jungles giving way to intimate scenes of refreshment. A woman takes a rejuvenating swim amongst fields of thyme blossoms, while a man lounges around bushes of mint. The flavour of each bottle shines through negative space details in the leaves. 

It’s clear the drink is destined to disrupt the beverage market. Keep an eye out, coming soon.