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Yptokey Re-Launch

YPTOKEY offers a blockchain solution for secure and autonomous digital access. On the cutting edge of modern technology, their solution is built to solve future problems that potential clients may not even see coming. They needed a simple, clear and attractive way to showcase their offer and demonstrate their use cases to potential clients and partners, taking their corporate identity and brand story to the next level.

We partnered with their founders to refine their key messaging and create a strong, visual language that we brought to life with dynamic illustrations and imagery. We developed a website wireframe and created content that would truly speak to the audience, grounding the complex new technology of YPTOKEY with informative messaging, connected to concrete use case scenarios that established relevance and highlighted the benefits in a visually impactful way. A toolkit of assets was developed, including modular isometric illustrations, with a scope and scale that will facilitate expansion across a spectrum of platforms and formats, elevating the YPTOKEY brand.

The interactive illustrated header was created as a hero element, alluding to the decentralized networks on which the YPTOKEY offering is based. The overall design focuses on the dynamic visual element of blockchain hexagons, which are used in the header, footer, and can be seen as a key design element throughout the page. The hexagon also forms a dynamic, 3D space which serves as an isometric stage to support illustrated elements.