HELLA Aglaia
CI and Website Development

Mobility and Software provider website design

For more than 20 years, HELLA Aglaia have been developing embedded software solutions for driver assistance systems – compliant with certified industry standards, suitable for series production, and fit for every platform. They are one of the technology leaders in the automotive industry and are part of one of the biggest German car suppliers. It was important to find a language that speaks to potential clients and employees and keeps the longterm customers on board.

Website Development

Engaging and impactful UI and UX design

The website makes use of the latest web technologies and is powered by a sophisticated backend that empowers the users to easily manage sections and content and add new pages and products.

Powerful corporate video

The video we produced for HELLA Aglaia is meant to capture the essence of the company when visitors land on their homepage. It’s shot in the HELLA Aglaia office building in Berlin, in the city of Berlin and in the surrounding area.

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