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LODE empowers innovative start-ups, organizations, and disruptive businesses, delivering inventive solutions that drive growth and transformation.



Strategy & Brand Positioning
Creating a unique identity for your brand involves understanding the market and customers and aligning these with the brand’s capabilities to form a unique value proposition. Our aim is to create a sustainable competitive advantage and ensure the brand’s relevance and attractiveness to clients or consumers. This process requires market research, competitor analysis, and effective marketing strategies.
Brand Identity
Understanding the true power of a brand identity comes as second nature to our founders. When it comes to choosing between an refresh and a total revolution, we can provide effective models for decision making, and execute to elevate the social currency of your brand, element by element.
We deliver best-practice storytelling and brand-led creative, with ease. We believe in crafting bespoke copy, inspired by your brand essence and tone of voice. Through crafting copy that compels action, drives engagement and supports deeper alignment with your brand, we set a new benchmark for your communications.
Concept & Campaign Development
By connecting brand voice and values positions for your campaign, we develop powerful narrative frameworks, which inspire strong audience connection and brand elevation. We specialize in campaigns which can work across all media, from brand films to social media, always delivering unique, effective and aspirational communications.
brand identity copywriting


UI /UX Design
Your website is the heart of your brand story. Here, your audience, business partners, consumers and other stakeholders engage with you, experience you and interface with your brand. Whether it’s a homebase or a microsite, the same rules apply – elegant, seamless engagement, informed by strategic analysis of your consumers intent. As leaders in the field of mobile-first design we understand the modern user journey, and help you frame a powerful content hierarchy for ease, efficiency and an affirming brand experience.
Illustration & Infographics
For people who need to skim information, glean insights at speed, or simply don’t have the time to go deep, bespoke, personalised and effectively designed infographics hold the key. Utilising a raft of illustration approaches, with flexible, brand iterative options, we provide unique style to essential information.
Canva Templates
Empower your teams with designs built for flexibility. We create Canva templates to give you flexibility and control over your digital communications, helping you maintain your brand narrative while creating what you want, when you want it.
Event Assets
From staging to ideation, product demos to theming, we bring expertise and imagination to your events. By working with your team to create lateral, logical and evocative themes, we can turn your team building exercises, corporate showcases or celebrations into evocative, brand enhancing experiences
ux design canva illustrations


Web Development
Merging creativity, technology and data analysis, we build powerful user journeys into effective, trustworthy backend support across all platforms.
Film & 2d/3D Animation
With a team of digital storytellers at your fingertips, you can expect powerful stories, well told through film and animation. We understand the possibilities of scale, working with all budgets, great and small, to ensure maximum impact for your product, service or story.
Audio Production
A great film is nothing without sound. We are expert sound designers with extensive experience producing all levels of sound for film, from sonic beds, stings, jingles and melodically powerful, epic soundscapes.
Marketing Campaigns
We develop a coordinated series of strategies and activities to promote your product, service, or brand. The campaigns are designed to reach a specific target audience using various channels, such as social media, print advertising, TV, and email, to achieve defined business objectives like increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or launching a new product.
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