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100% Renewable and Sustainable

100%RE aims to empower countries through multi-actor partnerships to move to renewable energy sources in order to foster energy security, job growth, and rural economic development. Their identity and website needed to reflect their forward-thinking promise, while underscoring their tangible and actionable operational model.

Web Development

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Digital Communication and Social Media Templates

The 100%RE website is professional but absolutely modern, with geometric square panels and bright linear accents. Animation throughout delights the user and brings facts and figures to life, while colorful photography makes for a bright, human look & feel. Recent news and events, as well as 100%RE’s partners, are highlighted throughout the site.

Brand Guidelines

Beginning with a complete CI kit, we developed a fresh and scalable logo: the 100%RE Spark. The Spark represents the energy and innovation of 100%RE and its partners, while pointing to the growth that uplifts communities and drives the world forward to a sustainable and regenerative future. Working with a solid, primary blue and bright cyan accents, we created multiple logo lockups and a complete identity package including everything from business cards to PowerPoint templates.


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